ESPN The Weekend Over At Disney

ESPN The Weekend has been an annual event at Walt Disney World since its inauguration in 2004. This annual event has included bringing in sports stars from various different teams and inviting them to mingle with fans at the weekend event. Since ESPN and Disney have teamed up, the event has always been a commercial and popular success. After all, Disney offers many things to its visitors, but what was involved in ESPN The Weekend had a more competitive bent to it as compared to the usual flights of Disney fancy.

So why is this highly popular event at Disney being canceled? Simple. Disney wished to make ESPN a more cornerstone part of Walt Disney World. As opposed to only having one event a year to celebrate the Disney/ESPN partnership, Disney wishes to focus on making it a permanent addition. The World Wide Sports at Disney complex was re-branded the ESPN World Wide Sports Complex just last year, which was the first step toward the current decision.

So those who love both sports and Disney need not fear that one of their favorite attractions is going by the wayside. This might have been the last year for ESPN The Weekend, but by all accounts the partnership is stronger than ever. Stay tuned for more information on how Disney plans to incorporate more of the sports world into the Disney experience. If you love sports, you’ll be excited about the upcoming changes in store and how they’ll further enhance your time at Walt Disney World!

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