Aluani Opens

Disney World Aluani Opens
Aluani Opens
Walt Disney World fans near and wide have reason to rejoice today, as Disney opens the doors to its new Hawaiian resort, called the Aluani. This isn’t the same hotel as you’re thinking of – rather than one of the luxury places to stay within Walt Disney World itself, this hotel is actually on the Hawaiian Islands. It opened its doors this past Monday to a rousing cheer of approval.

However, despite the fact that the vacationers are ready to roll in, Disney is currently scrambling to ensure that the project manages to stay financially soluble. The time-share sales were suspended this past month after it was uncovered that the rates the company was originally charging were not enough to ensure that the hotel was profitable or even able to be maintained. Three Disney executives were fired over the error, and Disney now faces the daunting prospect of ensuring that the project stays afloat.

But for those who are not intimately concerned over the numbers, the new hotel provides a Disney experience unlike any other seen to date. This is not a cartoon haven for the young ones – though you can certainly take children to the resort if you please. This is a vacation hotel that is primed to provide the very best of spa options and relaxation to the higher-brow customers of the Disney name. Be sure to stay alert for any changes in the price structure – Disney is currently making the recalculations.

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