Going to Disney With Baby

Going to Disney World With a Baby
Going to Disney World With a Baby
If you end up visiting Walt Disney World with a toddler in tow, you’ll be relieved to know that this park makes it as easy as possible for you to move around. It can be challenging traveling with kids, but especially if you choose to stay at one of the many Walt Disney Resorts, you’ll find that traveling with kids in the Most Magical Place on Earth is likely a lot easier than you were originally expecting.

Every bathroom at Walt Disney World comes equipped with changing tables, and all of the restaurants have high chairs. Beyond these basic amenities, there are no barriers at Walt Disney World, which makes traveling with a stroller a breeze. The stroller-toting masses will also be pleased to know that the monorail does not make you fold your stroller to get on the transportation system, which makes life a lot easier!

All parks also have a baby care center where you can retreat with your toddler if the day gets too hot or you have realized that a precious amenity was forgotten at your hotel. This is a great respite from the crowds and a good place to bring a cranky baby.

If you’re afraid about traveling to Walt Disney World with a baby on board, you shouldn’t be! The park goes well out of their way to ensure that going to Disney with baby is as easy as it can be. (Of course, traveling with children is never a simple prospect, but Walt Disney World is excellent at making the process simpler than you thought possible!)

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