Test Track Possibly Getting Upgrades

Disney Worlds Test Track
Disney Worlds Test Track
One of the most popular attractions at Walt Disney World is Test Track. This ride happens to be the fastest in the park, and has wowed visitors since 2009. If you want to come and ride Test Track, you’d better put some time ahead of you for standing in line!

But despite how popular the ride is as it stands now, there are exciting changes coming for in 2012. It is rumored that the ride will experience a major overhaul, as the Disney Imagineers partner up with Chevy in order to revitalize the ride itself. There are no official plans as of right now to close the ride, but the rumors are running thick that the ride will be revitalized. Since it is one of the most popular attractions at Walt Disney World, the diagnostics on the ride could probably use some updating.

So for those of you who would like to enjoy fast times at Walt Disney World, be excited for this new partnership for Test Track. The possibilities are endless, exciting, and relentlessly fast when the Disney Imagineeers team up with the Chevy engineers! Be sure to stay to learn about possible ride closures and see how best to plan your next trip to Walt Disney World! Get ready to enjoy a fancier ride at the Test Track the next time that your travels bring you to the Epcot Park at Walt Disney World. Keep track of the latest ride updates by checking out their website at www.disney.com.

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