Be Sure To Make Your Reservations

One of the chronic sources of both delight and irritation to those who visit Walt Disney World is the eating situation. Prices inside the park for food and drink are predictably higher than those outside of the park, and even getting your foot in the door at many of the restaurants can be a challenge. Due to the popularity of the park’s “signature” restaurants, sometimes these places can be booked up months in advance.

In order to combat the issue of no-shows at these restaurants, starting on October 26th, guests who make a reservation will be required to furnish a credit card number. Unless the reservations are canceled 24 hours in advance, guests who do not show up for their reserved dining time will be considered “no shows,” and then have their credit cards charged for 10 dollars per person.

This is intended to help open the restaurants to more people—as it is very frustrating for both guests and staff alike when walk-ins have to be turned away in favor of those who make reservations and do not arrive. Be sure not to be one of the chronic no-shows when you’re at Disney—it could end up costing you money if you don’t stick to your plans!

Be aware that this 10-dollar charge only applies to the “signature,” sit down restaurants that are throughout the park. You can still walk in to most of the quick, “walk in” eateries, and be served without a reservation, altogether. But keep in mind the 10-dollar rule when visiting one of the fancier restaurants at Disney World.

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