Discounts for Veterans

Since this blog is designed to help people find cheap Disney World tickets, we have some advice for those who have served in the armed forces of the United States. Like many places in the country, Walt Disney World offers discounts to veterans as a token of appreciation for their service. Read on to learn more about the discount to veterans that Walt Disney World offers.

These tickets are called the “park salute” tickets, which were originally slated to expire in September of 2011. However, due to a great deal of interest that the park salute tickets have generated, the program has been extended through 2012. There are some restrictions on these tickets, however.

During this period, military veterans are eligible for twelve total salute tickets. Only six may be used per day. There are also specific blackout dates where the salute tickets will not be eligible for use—most of these are over the major holidays. The offer is now salient through September of 2012. It is very unlikely that the program will be extended again, so be sure to take advantage of the fact that it is here!

This is a great way for veterans to get to Walt Disney World at a low cost. If you don’t think you want to take advantage of these tickets right now, just remember that it is unlikely that the program will be extended again. Be sure to enjoy the Disney salute to your time spent in the military by taking advantage of these salute tickets.

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