Disney Without The Park?

This might be surprising to hear, but there is a substantially growing group of people that don’t go to Walt Disney World for the parks. It might seem counterintuitive to go to Buena Vista and not spend any time at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot, but more and more people are heading to Disney World with this in mind.

For these travelers, they don’t look at Walt Disney World and see Mickey Mouse, necessarily. What they do see is 24 different resorts that each have their own carefully thought-out theme and accompanying restaurants. They see a chance to kick back and relax—heading into the parks themselves is likely the furthest thing from their mind.

One of the greatest parts about Walt Disney World is how flexible it truly is. You can bring your kids and make memories in the Magic Kingdom, or you can bring your spouse and spend the entire time getting pampered at one of the many spas that can be found on the campuses of the resorts or getting in some serious golfing time at one of the high-quality Disney golf courses.

So remember to think outside of the box the next time that you go to Walt Disney World. While the parks are fun and getting cheap Disney tickets is still a worthwhile goal, you might find that the other activities that Walt Disney World offers outside of the parks are just as enticing! Be sure to check out one of the villa resorts at Disney World the next time that you go.

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