Eat Away At Disney World During Halloween

There are many reasons to come to Walt Disney world during the holidays—one of the most salient reasons is the enjoyment of the many treats that are available to you during this sweetest time of the year. While there are trick or treating events for the kids, there are also a number of different foods that are only purchasable during the Halloween season. Be sure to take advantage of these while you are here!

One of the most famous Halloween confections at Walt Disney World is the pumpkin-spice-flavored funnel cake. As the name implies, this is the same funnel cake that is available at many parks during the tourist season, only more appropriately flavored for Halloween. You should most definitely pick one up if you happen to be in the parks during this time of year—if you really want to go all out, be sure that you order it with the ice cream!

There are also fun Disney-themed treats as well. Be sure not to miss the caramel apples shaped like Disney characters; you will find that not only are they cleverly concocted, but they are delicious as well! Another favorite is the pumpkin fudge—only available during this time of the year and very festively seasoned!

No matter what variety your sweet tooth, you are sure to be pleased during the Halloween season at Walt Disney World. Also be sure that you check out the confectionary shops during all times of the year—there are usually seasonal goodies to be had!

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