Mickey Speaks?

While Mickey Mouse is doubtlessly the most beloved entity in the Disney lineup, one of the most controversial issues surrounding this character is the question of whether or not he has the ability to speak or not. It has been proven in several movies that Mickey Mouse can speak, but he has been forever mute when it comes to the business of Walt Disney World. Some fans have been extremely in favor of the continued muteness of the mouse, while others have openly wished that Mickey could more directly communicate with his fans.

Those who have wished that they could actually speak with the legend that is Mickey Mouse had their dream come true this Halloween. Since there has been so much interest in the past in a talking Mickey, Walt Disney World has decided to give it a test go. Depending on how fans react to the talking mouse, the persona will either be developed further or not at all. There may even be talking versions of the other characters to come out as well if the reception to the talking Mickey is favorable. Be sure to stay tuned to learn more about it!

It’s always exciting to learn more about the developments going on at Walt Disney World. Whether you are a fan of the talking Mickey or not, you have to admit that the continuing advances are both exciting and new. Stay tuned to learn more about the wonders that are next to come out of Walt Disney World—you never know the sorts of great things that the Imagineers will imagine next.

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