Planning to Go To Disney? Plan Ahead

There are many different websites and published books that are dedicated to helping visitors get their foot through the gate at Disney World. For those who live near to the park, getting into the Magic Kingdom might be as easy as driving 45 minutes, parking, purchasing a ticket at the gate and then enjoying a day full of fun, but the reality for most people is a little more intensive.

Assuming that you live far enough away from Walt Disney World to necessitate booking plane tickets, and you don’t have any friends or family in the immediate area of the park, you’ve got a bit of work cut out for you. This is particularly so if you are concerned with the bottom line—planning in advance can help you shave costs off at every corner, which can really add up when it comes to booking a vacation at Walt Disney World!

Consider planning a trip to Disney like planning a wedding. Statistics show that it takes about 8-12 months to plan a wedding in its entirety, and having this much time on hand in order to plan your Disney vacation is a good barometer. This amount of time will allow you to plan your trip at your own pace and not be rushed. You’ll find that you can also get great deals by booking your hotel rooms and restaurant reservations in advance; all of this planning will pay off in spades once you get your foot in the door at Space Mountain!

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