Trick Or Treat – And A Free Stay?

Walt Disney World is at some of its most festive during the Halloween season. And why shouldn’t it be? The entire idea of Halloween is for children and adults alike to enjoy an evening of masquerade and fantasy—with children it even involves free candy. The childlike ambiance of the entire holiday fits in very well with the Disney ethos—in fact, many people in the area make it a yearly treat to come and check out what the Mouse has to offer as part of their Halloween escapades.

Even if you don’t have the fortune to be able to jaunt off to Walt Disney World at the call of a holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the treats that Disney offers from afar. This most recent promotion that is very intimately tied with Halloween could even end up offering you a treat of a different taste—a fully paid for, two-day stay at the Swan and Dolphin resort!

If you happen to call the Swan and Dolphin between 8am and 7pm on the day of Halloween and say “trick or treat,” there are a variety of different treats that are being handed out over the phone. The top treat is, of course, the free two day stay at the resort. Other prizes could include movie passes, Disney tickets, free meals, cocktails, a room upgrade on an upcoming stay, or a 100-dollar food or beverage credit at the park.

If you are interested in trick or treating with the Swan and Dolphin, be sure to call their reservation line at 888-828-8850 on the 31st of October.

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