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It’s always a good idea to read up on tips and tricks on Walt Disney World before you go.  The park is so massive and there is so much to do in it that if you don’t have a good game plan for the parks, you’re likely to get overwhelmed.  Of course, there are no right or wrong ways to do Walt Disney World.  The only wrong way to be at the parks is if you are not having a good time!  If you’d like to read up more on pro tips regarding how to get around and have a great time at Walt Disney World, read these sage words of advice below:


  • Get in on theme dining!  Eating is one of the greatest things at Walt Disney World.  It is partially because of the quality of the food but also because of the incredible surroundings!  If you’d like to give theme dining at Disney a try, be sure to check out Sci-Fi Dine In at Disney Hollywood Studios.  You’ll sit in a “car” to eat and get to enjoy the “starry skies” along with old sci-fi movies going on in the background!
  • Make a splash!  If you’re travelling during the summer, especially, it’s good to stay cool.  Why not do it on a ride?  The ride, Kali River, at Animal Planet gets all of its riders utterly soaked—and also shows them a good time at the same time!  During a hot Florida day, this might be just what you need!
  • Chill with fairies.  Out of the many character interactions that you can have in Walt Disney World, many say that the Tinkerbell and the Fairies group is the best.  Only four families are allowed to hang out with Tink and her friends at a time, but the kids get a lot of pointed attention and everybody leaves happy.

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