Vacationing During Christmas

If you think that Walt Disney World would be the perfect place to vacation during the holiday season, you’re definitely not alone.  As many as 100,000 people are expected to head to Walt Disney World during this holiday season—and with good reason.  There are many reasons to decide to spend time at Walt Disney World during the holidays—the fact that it is one of the most festive places on earth being chief among them.


Obviously, at this point in the year, it is a little too late to decide to go to Walt Disney World for Christmas.  If you ever want to spend a holiday at the most magical place on earth, you’ll need to be planning for it well in advance.  In fact, if you are looking to make your Christmas a Disney Christmas, it is a good idea to start your planning back in July at the earliest.


It’s not unusual for Walt Disney World to start to sell out for the Christmas season in advance.  Therefore, if you’d like to make the most of your Christmas vacation, the earlier that you plan to go to Walt Disney World, the better.


If you plan on heading to Walt Disney World during the holiday season, also be prepared for longer wait times—according to some sources, the average wait time for a ride at Walt Disney World is about 23 minutes, but the wait time goes over 40 minutes if you’re there during the holiday break.  Yikes!


Plan early, and then be patient if you plan on spending a holiday at Disney!

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