Hop, Hop, Hop?

One of the additions to the Magic Your Way tickets that you purchase to Walt Disney World is the Park Hopper additive.  What the Park Hopper allows you to do is implicit in the name—you can “hop” between parks on the same ticket.  With the regular Magic Your Way base ticket, you can only visit one park per day. But if you’d like to spend the morning in the Magic Kingdom and then hop over to the Animal Kingdom in the afternoon, the Park Hopper addition is the way to go.


The good news is that you can get a Park Hopper pass on any length of ticket—even if you are only staying at Walt Disney World for one day, you could purchase the Park Hopper pass and hop to your heart’s content.  The bad news is that it adds a flat rate of about $35 dollars to the Magic Your Way ticket, so it’s not exactly a cheap option.


Whether or not the Park Hopper ticket is worth the price depends entirely on the scope of your vacation.  If you’re planning on staying in the parks for four days or more, it’s probably best to give the Park Hopper a pass and instead focus on individual days spent in each parks.  You also don’t want to let the Park Hopper entice you into rushing—generally speaking, it’s best to visit no more than two parks in a given day.  If you’re especially intrepid and you only visit a few attractions, it is possible to fit all of the parks into a day—but get ready for some exhaustion if this is the path that you choose!

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