Dining Package or Not?

There are many different kinds of Walt Disney World tickets that you could choose to buy when the add-ons are considered.  The most popular add-on is probably the Park Hopper addition, which allows the bearer to visit more than one Disney park in one day.  You could also choose to add a “no expiration” option, or even a “water parks fun and more” option, which gives you the ability to experience more of Disney for a lesser cost.

There are also a variety of different dining packages that you can purchase to enhance your trip.  The dining packages are meant to help you manage the cost of eating at Disney, which will end up being quite a hefty expense.  The packages with food options are “quick service dining,” “Disney package plus dining,” and the “plus deluxe dining package.”

The right dining package for you depends heavily on how you decide to spend your culinary experience at Disney.  If you’ve got a lot of kids on hand and you’re trying to maximize your time at the rides, the quick service dining option is worth considering.  But if you want to eat at the best Disney can offer, consider the deluxe package.

Also remember that certain Disney restaurants are not included on the dining plans—if you want to check out some of Disney’s finest dining, be sure to check whether or not they accept the packages before purchasing!  But if you’re looking for a way to help economize your meals, buying the dining packages is a great way to save some bread while making sure you get enough of it at the parks!

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