Eating Cheap at Disney

There are several ways that you can save money at Walt Disney World—and one of the most important ways to save has to do with food.  Eating can be surprisingly expensive inside of the parks—expect to pay about 7 dollars for an egg and cheese croissant at one of the stand up eateries in the Magic Kingdom—yikes!

A good way to save money when you are at Walt Disney World is to bring your own breakfast foods with you.  A little bit of advanced planning can go a long way—consider purchasing a bag of pastries and bringing them with you, or even cereal with milk.  (Many of the hotels have their rooms equipped with mini fridges – be sure to call ahead to your hotel of choice and ask.  It doesn’t have to be a deluxe feature, either; at this point, even many of the budget options will offer a place to store milk and other drinks to keep them cold.)

Not only will bringing your own breakfast save you a lot of money,  but it will also save you time, as sitting around and eating at the parks in the morning means that you’ll have less time to get on the rides.  And considering how much money you’re spending to be in the park, the less time that you waste on meals, the better!

Also remember that the grab-n-go eateries are going to be a better value than the sit down restaurants for most park visitors.  You’ll spend half as much money and much less time while eating.  If you have to eat in the parks and you’re interested in saving money, stay on your feet to eat!

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