Getting Around for Cheap

When you come to Walt Disney World, one of the most challenging parts can be figuring out how to get around and not spend an arm and a leg.  If you’re planning on staying at the parks, be sure to check out the Magical Express—this is a free shuttle service that will take you from the airport directly to the parks.  Considering how a taxi ride can cost up to 40 dollars, and renting a car is always expensive, this is a great option for getting to the hotel cheaply.

If you’re staying off the grounds, many hotels will also offer free shuttles either to and from the airport or to and from the parks.  This is a great option for those who do not want to have to finagle with paying for parking and paying for a car—but if you’re coming with young, fussy children in tow, it might not be a bad idea to spring for peace of mind and just go ahead and get the rental car.

If you’re planning a multi-pronged trip to Central Florida that might also include Universal Studios or SeaWorld, your only recourse is to rent a car.  If this is your plan, you can get good deals by bundling together your plane ticket purchases along with a rental car—this can literally save you hundreds of dollars.

Be sure to check out the many ways to save money on transportation while you are at Walt Disney World.  Doing so will give you more money to spend in the parks!

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