Realism is the Key

A trip to Walt Disney World is likely going to be the highlight of your entire year. Particularly if you have kids involved, it’s not uncommon to get very excited about your trip and try to cram in as much as possible. If you’re trying to get a good deal on your Walt Disney World tickets and overall vacation, it is very likely (and highly recommended) that you search for deals ahead of time over the internet.

You may find ticket offers claiming that you will be able to see all of Walt Disney World in a four-day trip. While this might technically be possible, if you would like to return home from your vacation with your sanity intact is not recommended that you attempt to cram the entirety of Walt Disney World into a three or four day vacation.

What this means is that you could save a great deal of money by sitting around ahead of time to figure out which parts you and your family would like to see and what days you will be going to see those parks. For instance, if you are not planning on visiting more than one park in a day, you will not need to purchase the Park Hopper addition to your tickets. The Park Hopper addition can add as much as $50 a day to the ticket, so you can quickly see how planning ahead can help you save a lot of money.

Don’t let the excitement of Walt Disney World get the best of you in your wallet. Plan ahead of time and you’ll find that you’ll have a better vacation!

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  1. i want to go for vacacions with my family i want to make my dream came true for me and my kids i want stay for 5 day and i dont know the price for the tickets in disney can you help me please thank you so much

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