Don’t Spend an Arm and a Leg on Souvenirs

Walt Disney World is no doubt a magical place, but it is a magical place that seems to require a lot of money. All of the parks are designed to offer and entice you into spending more money than you may have originally planned. Considering that getting into the parks can cost upwards of $90 per ticket, this can make for a very expensive vacation.


One of the cleverest marketing tactics that Walt Disney World uses on guests is the fact that there are so many cleverly created and lurid souvenirs for you to purchase on every corner. This is a very good way to get separated from your money very quickly, so it is a great idea to try and make a souvenir plan before you head out to the parks.


Consider trying to focus more on the freebies that Walt Disney World gets you rather than spending hundreds of dollars on knickknacks. For example, a great way to get a good, cheap souvenir from Walt Disney World is to purchase pressed pennies. For less than a dollar, you and your family can create a unique collection that will remind you of your trip for years to come.


Other ways to get cheap souvenirs are to focus on collecting napkins and other things from restaurants. While this may not seem like a very glamorous way to get souvenirs, the truth of the matter is that these items are very high quality at Walt Disney World and some of them are works of art unto themselves!


Happy traveling at Walt Disney World, and remember to keep an eye on your wallet!

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