Lugging the Luggage of Kids

Those who have young children are likely very well acquainted with the fact that children do not travel light. If you are coming to Walt Disney World with a youngster in tow, you will likely need to bring along certain accoutrements to make your trip more enjoyable for both you and your young child. Read on for some tips on how to pack for a great day at the park.


Many parents recommend bringing along a clear backpack in lieu of a traditional diaper bag. A backpack will hang on both of your shoulders equally, which will make toting along all of the essentials that much more comfortable. A clear backpack will also make finding the items you need much quicker and easier. Additionally, having a clear backpack makes getting through security at the parks much faster, since security will not dig through the entirety of the bag.


Another good tip is to consider shipping all necessary baby food items and formulas ahead of time. Packing these items in your luggage can cause your luggage to be very heavy and unwieldy. Whether you are staying within bounds of the resort or outside of it, you can always make arrangements with your lodgings to accept these shipments ahead of time.


Traveling with kids to Walt Disney World is an exercise in both frustration and fun. Making the appropriate reservations and arrangements ahead of time can save you a lot of hassle when you are having fun at Walt Disney World.

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