Label Your Way To Peace

No matter what age you are, you will have a great time at your vacation in Walt Disney World. However, if you are traveling with several small children in tow, don’t be surprised if the trip gets a little bit hairy at certain points. Walt Disney World is an exciting place to have a vacation, but it is also very easy for young ones to be overwhelmed by all of the excitement and noise. There are certain ways that parents have come up with to help stymie arguments and temper tantrums before they even start.


A great way to make sure that your vacation at Walt Disney World goes as smooth as possible is to have a straightforward way of differentiating items that belong to certain children. It is likely that if you are traveling with multiple children that you will end up with multiples of the same item when you purchase souvenirs. A good example of this is autograph books – there are several designs at Walt Disney World, but it is very likely that two or more of your kids may pick out the same one.


In order to keep things organized and to prevent arguments from occurring, a great idea is to print off labels on sticky paper before you leave your home. In this way, you can make sure that all items are labeled clearly so everybody knows whose items are whose. A great way to make this a fun part of your vacation is to have each child choose a particular Disney character to represent their items. That way you know that all of the items marked with a Simba label belong to Jimmy, while everything that has Mickey Mouse on it is Susan’s. This is just a little tip that can help make your vacation go that much smoother by utilizing organization in a fun and effective way.

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