Convenience and Walt Disney World Resorts

There are many reasons why thousands of guests choose to stay at one of the on-campus Walt Disney World resorts when they are visiting the parks. Several of these reasons have to do with sheer convenience; Walt Disney World goes out of its way to make sure that guests to stay on campus at the Walt Disney World resorts have a seamless and effortless experience.


One of the ways a Walt Disney World does this is by offering free shuttle transportation from the Orlando airport to Walt Disney World resorts. This shuttle is known as the Magic Express, and it is designed to make your transition from the airport to the magic of Walt Disney World as simple as possible. On top of the fact that this shuttle is free, Walt Disney World will also ship special luggage tags ahead of time so that you do not even need to pick up your luggage at the airport. It will be shipped in care of you directly to your hotel so that when you arrive it is waiting for you.


Additionally, many Walt Disney World resorts will allow you to check into your hotel when you arrive at the airport. This will allow you a quick journey from the airport to your hotel with as minimal hassle as is possible. Staying at the Walt Disney World resorts may add a little bit of expense to your overall vacation, but the amount of convenience that you will receive in return is often worth the extra expense.


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