Travel Smart

Many people never anticipate how large Walt Disney World actually is. The size of all of the parks combined have been estimated to be around the size of Manhattan. What this means is not only do you need to make appropriate arrangements to get from the airport to your hotel, but you will also need to plan intelligently for how you will get around the parks themselves in order to make the best of your time.


Probably the most convenient Walt Disney World resorts to stay at are the three resorts that are located on the monorail line. These three resorts are the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian Resort, and the Contemporary Resort. With this display of hotels, you will be able to get nearly everywhere you need to go via the monorail. However, it is worth noting that these three hotels are also some of the most expensive that Walt Disney World offers, so you definitely pay for the convenience.


For those who are staying at the more budget-minded options, there are plenty of free shuttles that will take you where you need to go within the parks. However, it is important to remember that the parks are very large – for some rides you will need to budget at least 30 min. of time to be able to get from point a to point b. It is also worth noting that the shuttles can provide a welcome air-conditioned break during the day though, so even traveling around Walt Disney World doesn’t have to be unnecessarily stressful so long as you plan appropriately for how long it can take.

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