Walt Disney World for Adults

Many people assume that Walt Disney World is a place that is intentionally designed for children. Of course, any area that is dominated by cartoon characters will carry that assumption with it. However, the truth of the matter is that Walt Disney World has spent a lot of time and effort to entertain adults as well as kids. When you come to Walt Disney World the entire family is expected to enjoy a bit of the magic. There are plenty of ways for adults to entertain themselves fully while in Walt Disney World whether you are traveling with kids or not.

One of the most popular things that adults do while at Walt Disney World is stay at one of the upper class resorts. While those who are traveling with kids in tow tend to be spending most of their time in the parks, adults will appreciate the fact that many of Walt Disney World’s resorts are essentially little worlds into themselves. For example, many of the upper class resorts contain spas, entertainment venues, fine dining, and plenty of outdoor recreation. Some people even come to Walt Disney World with the sole purpose of staying in one of the resorts and they never actually end up setting foot into the parks!

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your vacation at Walt Disney World. If you have slightly more adult tastes, be sure not to exclude the possibility of enjoying a vacation at Walt Disney World even if you can’t imagine spending time in the Magic Kingdom.

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