Going to Market

Many people are unaware that Disney’s prowess in the Central Florida area is not simply limited to Disney World itself. There are actually a variety of different entertainment options that can be found in Florida which are not directly connected to Walt Disney World but are run by Disney. A great example of this is Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney offers visitors a different way to enjoy what the magical world of Disney can offer it in a slightly different venue than the one that is at Walt Disney World.

One of the most popular areas of Downtown Disney is the Downtown Disney Marketplace. This is where you can go if you want to really get your souvenir shopping on in a big way. While there is definitely no shortage of souvenir stands in Walt Disney World, Downtown Disney Marketplace actually has the largest Disney character store in the entire world. So if what you want is incredible variety, you need to head out and see what the offerings are at Downtown Disney. Another great thing about the Downtown Disney Marketplace is that it offers very lovely lakeside dining. Sometimes, you might want to take a meal that is not within the bounds of the Walt Disney World Park. Downtown Disney is a great place to make that happen!

So whether you are looking for some of the most incredible Disney themed shopping in the entire world or if you just want to take a meal in a slightly different locale, the Downtown Disney Marketplace is a great place to make it happen. Make sure to carve out a little bit of time to explore the Downtown Disney Marketplace the next time that your travels take you to Walt Disney World.

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