Wild Africa Trek

Wild Africa TrekOne of the most popular tours in Disney World is the Wild Africa Trek. This particular tour allows participants to get up close and personal with the animals at the Animal Kingdom. While it is entirely possible to enjoy the animals in the Animal Kingdom from the paths, taking the Wild Africa Trek will give you and your family a very unique understanding and proximity to wild African animals that you may never have seen before outside of the zoo.

Everybody who goes on the Wild Africa Trek is outfitted with a harness so that they can go on the aerial paths that the trek is comprised of. The tour itself takes about three hours to complete and everybody who signs up for the Wild Africa Trek must be at least eight years old to participate. You will also go on the tour with a guide who will explain about the animals and how their behaviors in the Animal Kingdom are either similar or different to their behavior in the wild. We are also sure that you will find the rope bridge that you must cross to get over the crocodile pit to be quite exhilarating!

The price of the Wild Africa Trek fluctuates depending on the time of year that you are at the park and the availability of the animals while you were there. If this tour is something that you are interested in participating in, make sure that you contact Walt Disney World ahead of time to learn more about pricing and scheduling details.

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