The Cabins

You may already be aware that Disney’s Fort Wilderness is  a camping accommodation offered at Walt Disney World. Many people choose to stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness due to the low price offered by Walt Disney World to stay here. However, for those who really love the forest on the grounds of Disney’s Fort Wilderness but would not relish staying in attendance or recreational vehicle after spending all day walking around Walt Disney World, staying in the cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness may be the right option for you.

Staying in the cabins afford you a vacation that is very similar in amenities to if you were staying at a moderate price Walt Disney World resort. You will have access to more amenities, and, of course, staying in the cabins is very little like camping. However, your children will still be able to take advantage of the marshmallow roast with Chip ‘n Dale that goes on nightly, as well as make friends playing with the several campaigns that are scattered throughout the grounds.

For those who really love the outdoorsy touch that staying at a campground affords them yet do not wish to actually camp, the cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness are a great compromise. You will be able to have access to all of the amenities you would in a traditional hotel, simply in a cabin. Another plus to the situation is that you also have your own independent building, rather than having to share walls with other guests in a traditional hotel. Make sure that you check out this unique and intriguing option the next time that you are searching for accommodations in Walt Disney World.

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