Walt Disney World Attractions Still Unmatched in Vacation Fun

Walt Disney World is ever expanding but some of its tried and true attractions remain some of its best and most popular.  Encompassing more than forty-four square miles, the Walt Disney World Resort covers more land than the city of San Francisco.  The resort’s four theme parks offer some of the most popular and innovative amusement park attractions in the world.

For starters, the Magic Kingdom, the most visited tourist destination in the world, features the classic favorites Pirates of the Caribbean, an attraction that saw its popularity renewed with the popular film series starring Johnny Depp; Splash Mountain, a log flume ride with possibly the world’s catchiest amusement attraction theme song; Space Mountain, the futuristic coaster type ride that is rumored to project the images of chocolate chip cookies as asteroids onto its enclosed ceiling that simulates outer space; and the eternally popular and fun home of 999 ghosts (“but there’s room for 1,000”) Haunted Mansion, an eternally enchanting journey through an old haunted house and a lively cemetery that ends with some supernatural friends hitching a ride in your “doom buggy.”

At Epcot, World Showcase is always a fun and educational day filled with culinary exploration and plenty of exotic shopping.  The Hollywood Studios offers the Tower of Terror Attraction, a scary ride up and a thrilling drop—er, ride—down in the elevator of an abandoned hotel.

For those who like to combine their theme park thrills with a visit to the zoo, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the ideal destination.  On the park’s Kilamanjaro Safari attraction, one can see hippos, lions, zebras and many other animals as they roam in carefully habitats carefully constructed to simulate those in which they’d live in the wild.  If you’re looking for a vacation that’s sure to feature something to please everyone, look no further than Walt Disney World Resort.

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