Preparing Your Children for a Walt Disney World Vacation, Part 1

It’s difficult for first time visitors to Walt Disney World to understand the positively massive scope of the resort area before they find themselves deep in its massive sprawl of roads, resorts, and theme parks.  Walk Disney World has become so large in fact, that it even has its own downtown area.

Not only is Walt Disney World itself huge, the Disney theme parks are each in and of themselves huge.  EPCOT, in fact, is positively massive and the Magic Kingdom, with its new expanded Fantasyland now opening in phases through the end of the year, can also be overwhelming to first time visitors. For adults, who tend to adjust more quickly to new situations, the size and scope of Disney is usually manageable.  However, children usually need some sort of introduction and preparation prior to entering unfamiliar scenarios.  Helping them understand that visiting Walt Disney World will certainly be fun but explaining that a lot of people like to visit Walt Disney World because it is so much fun and preparing children for the implications that may come with the popularity of Disney as one of the worlds’ most popular tourist destinations will ultimately make your Disney vacation go a lot more smoothly than attempting to ignore or failing to address the possibilities.

The fantasy vacation of which you’ve been dreaming can quickly turn sour if you fail to prepare your children for their Disney adventure.  In part 2, we will offer a few suggestions for making sure your family’s Disney vacation is truly a dream vacation.

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