Preparing Your Children for a Walt Disney World Vacation Part 1

In part I of this blog, we discussed how the size and scope of Walt Disney World can be overwhelming for children who are unprepared.  As promised, here are a few tips to help make insure your vacation is as magical as you are dreaming:

If your children are not already physically active, start taking regular walks.  Explain to them that they will have to do a lot of walking at Walt Disney World, but that the fun they’ll have on the various rides will make all of it worth it.  Pretend you’re walking to one of the attractions they’re most excited about experiencing.  If your children are apprehensive about a lot of walking, insure them that you will take plenty of breaks and naps throughout the day.  This is particularly convenient to do if you stay in one of Disney’s on site resorts.

When we say that Disney is large, we’re not just talking about land mass.  A lot of smaller children in particular are initially excited about meeting their favorite Disney characters…until they see that Mickey Mouse, for instance, is the size of a small giant.  You can minimize the initial shock of and sometimes anxiety this causes by simply telling your children that Walt Disney World is where the Disney characters live and that when they’re “home” they’re a special size that makes living there perfect.

Start creating or placing them in situations in which they’re forced to wait.  Lines at Walt Disney World can easily exceed an hour or two for some of the most popular attractions.  While a lot of parents try to hide this fact from their children until they’re actually in line and attempting to de-fuse the resulting temper tantrum that comes with line anxiety, the best thing you can actually do is be very candid by cautioning them that lots of people like to do really fun things and we all have to take turns, so there may be a wait sometimes.  Invite them to help you come up with some games or activities you can do while passing the time in line.

By taking these few simple measures, you can prepare your children for an awesome Walt Disney World vacation.

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