A Ride on Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is a crowd pleaser and for good reason.  It’s fun, and you’ll be humming the theme song for days afterward.  One enters the queue on the side of the “mountain,” eventually entering a rickety mill shack before beginning a descent into the depths of the mountain.  Guests have the opportunity to peak into the homes of some familiar characters from children’s literature as well Disney’s movie Song of the South before boarding their log flumes.

The journey begins with a slight climb as one become familiar with the folks who inhabit “Brer Mountain.” From the beginning, the theme song is integrated as visitors are reminded that it’s “Time to be movin’ along.”  There are a couple of small drops on the way up to prepare guests for the big dive into the briar patch that is the culmination of the ride.  Along the way, Brer Fox sees Brer Rabbit and decides to go after him.

One of the best parts of the ride comes just about halfway through as guests are plunged through the darkness into “The Laughing Place” and the theme song reminds us that “everyone has a laughing place.”  As the flume rounds the corner and begins the final climb up Brer Mountain, the butterflies start shooting around in riders’ stomachs.  Since one has to walk right by the main drop in order to enter the ride, it’s very obvious what’s coming next.

Finally, guests reach the top before plunging—or so it seems—straight in the briar patch below.  In reality, the flume dives underneath it and comes up on the other side where a healthy, but welcome on a hot, sunny Florida afternoon, splash of water usually waits.  But the ride is not over quite yet.  Since Brer Rabbit has escaped and saved the residents of Brer Mountain from Brer Fox, a celebration is in order.  All of the characters wait on a riverboat for a round of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah before the ride ends.

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