The Pros and Cons of Fast Pass

Walt Disney World is a popular place and popular places tend to draw large crowds.  Particularly during certain holiday periods (Christmas and Easter), lines for even smaller attractions at Disney become lengthy.  To alleviate the stress and frustration that comes with waiting, Disney offers guests something called Fast Pass.

Fast pass allows visitors to reserve a window of time to come back to experience an attraction.  Fast Pass works best when visitors are planning to spend an entire day in a single park and the reservation time on the Fast Pass is at least a couple of hours from the time it’s issued.  A couple of hours gives guests the opportunity to experience other attractions in that window of time before coming back to the attraction for which they go the Fast Pass.

For those guests who park hop, though, Fast Pass sometimes doesn’t make sense.  If, for instance, one is assigned a fast past time several hours from the time it was issued, the guest either has to change his or her plans to visit another park that same day or discard the Fast Pass.  This is can be problematic if a guest decides to get a Fast Pass for another attraction, as guests are limited in the amount of Fast Passes they may have active at a time.  In those situations, it’s best to either just wait in line or try one’s luck in the single rider line, if one is available and/or open.  Another occasion for which Fast Pass isn’t very efficient is when the Fast Pass entrance window is less than a couple of hours from the time it’s issued.  This doesn’t really leave any time to experience any other attractions, which means a guest is more less left to wait out the time on the Fast Pass.  In this case, waiting in line accomplishes the same thing in less time.  Guests should also be aware that on extremely busy days, it’s not unusual for all Fast Passes for a particularly popular attraction to be issued by early to mid-afternoon.

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