Yet another Reason to Stay at a Disney Resort

Few people know that on extremely busy days when Walt Disney World parks reach capacity, employees close the gates.  On such days, only guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels are guaranteed entrance.  This is yet another reason to consider staying at a Walt Disney World resort, especially if you are planning to visit during over a holiday period that tends to be especially busy such as Christmas or Easter.

Although the parks rarely reach capacity, it does happen and it’s important to be prepared in case it does.  Many people spend months or even years planning their Walt Disney World vacation and the disappointment of not being able to experience a favorite park or attraction can potentially ruin a vacation. Walt Disney offers hotels in Value thru Deluxe categories in order to make staying at a Walt Disney World Property affordable for everyone.  Even a slight upcharge is often worth the added perks that Disney guests receive, such as early entrance and later operating hours on certain days, transportation, and a convenient place to take an often much needed midday break, not to mention the aforementioned guaranteed entry into the parks on capacity days.

As was mentioned previously, Christmas and Easter tend to be the two days when Disney parks are most likely to reach capacity.  However, certain days during the summer peak as well during some special events can also be capacity days.

So when you’re planning your Disney vacation, be sure to check to see whether the dates fall during the peak season and consider staying at a WDW resort if you’re not already.

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