Space Mountain: Still a Classic

Space Mountain at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is not only consistently one of the most popular rides at Walt Disney World, it’s one of its most legendary.  The ride itself is a relatively tame, though extremely fun, ride through outer space.  It’s completely enclosed and it’s difficult for riders to tell at any time where they are or in which direction they’re heading.

One of the most legendary aspects of Space Mountain are the “asteroids” that roll across the out space sky of the attraction.  They are most conveniently noticed while waiting in line.  There is a story that the asteroids are actually chocolate chip cookies that are run through a projector.  Walt Disney World imagineers and employees have never confirmed or denied the rumor, but it’s still intriguing to think about while one toils away minutes waiting to board one of the space vehicles.

Although by coaster standards Space Mountain is hardly for daredevils only these days, it’s still an adrenaline pumping ride that inevitably pleases riders.  The fact of the matter is that it’s just fun.  It may not be the newest ride at Walt Disney World nor is it the most innovative (anymore) but four decades after its conception, it doesn’t fail to entertain.  Very few people who wait in the often lengthy line come away complaining.  It’s a theme part attraction that has truly stood the test of time, which speaks to its conception.  Few amusement park attractions can make the same claim.

If you want to ride Space Mountain, we recommend heading there first thing in the morning, getting a fast past, or trying late in the evening during the Main Street Electrical Parade.  Crowds tend to dwindle during parades.  Also, be aware that fast passes are sometime completely distributed for the entire day by mid-afternoon.  So if your plan is to get a fast pass, secure one early in the day.

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