Dining at the Rainforest Café at Walt Disney World

There are two Rainforest Cafes on Disney property.  The original Walt Disney World location is in Downtown Disney.  A second location was added when Disney’s Animal Kingdom was constructed.  Although it’s not strictly a Disney entity, dining at the Rainforest Café is a Walt Disney World rite.

For anyone who has not dined at a Rainforest Café, it’s a unique experience.  Guests are seated in various parts of a rainforest—gorilla room, elephant room, etc.  At regular rotations, the animals at the Rainforest Café come alive.  Children in particular find it entertaining, but adults are suckers for it, too.

The menu at the Rainforest Café is somewhat extensive.  If you have a family whose members’ culinary tastes are as far apart as the East Coast from the West Coast, the Rainforest Café is a particularly good choice for dining.  No matter the tastes, there is something on the menu to please everyone.

To say the portions are generous is an understatement.  In fact, one meal could easily feed at least two–if not three–people.  It’s almost a sure thing that you’ll be asking for take home boxes.

The shop that adjoins the Rainforest Café is worth some time spent browsing.  There is an interesting array of items for sale, many of them benefitting the conservation of endangered species.  There is a definite bend toward awareness at Rainforest Café.  It’s as if the concept is that commercial is good as long as it benefits the larger scheme.  As a diner, you won’t mind either.  It’s an enjoyable and an hour or two well spent in the chaos that can be Walt Disney World.  Guests should note, though, that waits for the Downtown Disney location can be lengthy on weekend evenings or holidays, so it’s best to be prepared to put your name in and then do some shopping.

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