One of Epcot’s most popular attractions, Soarin’, is actually a transplant from Disney’s California Adventure Park.  Since it arrived in Florida a few years ago, it has been wildly popular.  Soarin’ is an innovative and unique attraction that combines sensory experiences with an amusement park ride and a massive screen.

Many people get in line to experience Soarin’ not knowing exactly what it is and then get the surprise of their lives.  Although the line tends to be lengthy, the wait seldom exceeds more than an hour or so because the warehouse type setting of the attraction is massive.  Fast pass is also available for those who prefer not to wait at all.

The ride simulates riding over California in a glider.  Guests are seated in chairs that then rise into the air.  From there they fly over vineyards, golf courses, San Francisco, orange groves, and even Disneyland in California.

What makes Soarin’ such an amazing experience, though, are the sensory additions.  For example, guests feel wind gushing past them as they fly.  As they go over orange groves, they smell oranges. The enormous screen on which the adventure is projected encompasses an entire wall and encompasses the riders’ entire field of vision.  And even though the seats are in rows that are part of large arms of seats, the one surprisingly feels like one is gliding alone rather than in a room having an experience simulated for them along with several hundred other people.  It’s an experience that is surprisingly realistic, invigorating, and cohesive.  It’s also just plain fun.

When you visit Epcot, be sure to go Soarin’!

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