President Obama in Disney World

Yes, it is a small world after all.  If you’re taking a trip this June to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, you might find yourself rubbing shoulders with President Obama.  Well, not if the Secret Service is doing their job right.  However, President Obama will be paying a visit to Disney’s Contemporary Resort on June 22.

This visit is all business for the President.  No rides or tours have been announced, which is good news for you.  Obama’s visit should not cause any service disruptions in the park.

The Purpose

President Obama’s visit is the main speaking event of the 29th annual National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) meeting.  The Latino community is excited to have the President speaking at such a huge event.  More than 1,000 elected and appointed Latino officials will be in attendance, and excitement is growing around this speaking engagement.

2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is also scheduled to speak at the NALEO conference.

Guests’ Need to Know

Fortunately for guests, President Obama’s presence should not be disruptive to your vacation experience.  Walt Disney World has set up several events to draw attention away from President Obama’s presence.  Offering firework displays and other forms of entertainment, Disney hopes to ease the congestion around President Obama’s visit.

It’s likely that alternate transportation routes will be offered, as well.   When it comes to events, Walt Disney World and the Secret Service are two of the best planners!  The visit should be hardly noticed by most guests!

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