Reviewing Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

With the 23rd anniversary of Typhoon Lagoon’s opening upon us, we thought it might be a good time to review the Disney water park, and see what has kept it going strong for all this time.  It was June 1st, 1989 that the park first opened its doors and it was the season of 2008 that the park became the most visited water park of all-time.

The unique theme sets the tone for all of the attractions and the parks visitors.  This tropical paradise is said to have once been struck by a mighty storm that ravaged the lands around it.  In the process washing a little shrimp boat by the name of “Miss Tilly” ashore and stranding her upon the peak of Mount Mayday.  The rest the park surrounds this setting and captures every bit of the story.

The park is divided into four primary sections and has sixteen attractions scattered throughout.  The attractions offer a wide variety of options for park goers, with anything from gigantic speed slides to the world’s largest outdoor wave pool – the park seems to have it all.

When checking out the reviews of the park online people are describing it as, “pure fun,” “the best water park ever,” and simply as “pure family enjoyment.”  With reviews like this it is easy to see why Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon has continued marching forward for 23 strong years.  We would expect that the crew at Disney would tell you that they are only getting started.  Maybe you should go check it out for yourself.


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