Why Stay at a Disney Resort?

When you are in town to visit the magic of Disney theme parks, you will find plenty of options for overnight accommodations – many within the Walt Disney World complex and many more in the surrounding areas.  This post isn’t here to tell you about which we area that think has the better accommodations because you can find choices for all tastes in both areas.  But, we are going to tell you about two benefits that you can gain from staying at a Disney Resort that will assist you with your theme park experience.

Probably the most beneficial and most underrated benefit that you receive by staying at a Disney Resort is the unlimited use of the Disney transportation system.  You can literally get to any point on the complex by utilizing it.  They have buses and rail systems that run on a consistent and timely basis.  Not having to fight with traffic, search for parking spots, and pay for parking can save you tons of time and money.  Not only that, you will go through your day a little more stress free.

The next benefit is the “all-in-one” concept.  Once again, it may not seem so beneficial from the outside but, taking a look at one of Disney’s packages is well worth the time.  Paying for all or some of your food upfront will end up saving you lots of money down the road.  Having your park tickets, meal tickets, and all of your questions ready to go and answered in one swoop at check-in is just one more gesture that will make your vacation go even that much more smoothly.

Take these benefits into consideration and don’t overlook them.  Most people are looking for those benefits that wow them but, it is the small subtle ones like these that make your entire experience more enjoyable.

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