Save as a Group

There are many places where you buy in bulk and  you will safe. In many cases when you go somewhere with so many people or order so much you get a discount. Disney also offers group rates if you reserve 10 rooms or more. This is beneficial for anyone who may plan on having their wedding at Disney World. But weddings are not the only occasions where Disney’s group rates can be beneficial.

Perhaps you are planning a fun change of pace for your family reunion, or your youth group earns money and decides to have a  group trip to Disney World. Or perhaps your church decides to take a vacation to Disney World no matter the ages of the people. If you sign up to go then you can take advantage of the group rates that Disney offers.

If you decide to go as a group then Disney offers other benefits such as special rates at select hotels, tickets can be purchased at a group rate, and there is Group Services Manager who is specifically there to help groups with their rooms, tickets, as well as planning events for the group.  If you are planning on attending Disney World Resort with a group then be sure to call ahead. The Disney Website offers a number to call as well as an email for you to contact if you are planning a group Vacation to Disney World.

Trips to Disney World don’t have to be just for small families. Take advantage of Disney group rates and plan your next large gathering today.

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