How to Remember Your Vacation

No surprise that wherever you go you can buy souvenirs to remember your trip by. And of course you want to remember the time that you and your family spent at Disney World. What better way to remember your vacation than with little knickknacks to decorate your room or tables with?

Everyone recognizes the iconic symbol of a vacation at Disney World in the form of Mickey’s ears. Disney’s ear hats are practically a must for children who want to be able to go back to school and tell everyone where they spent their summer or winter vacation. And what a cute way to run around the park too, everyone in the family can show their support for Mickey and other Disney characters.

But ear hats aren’t the only souvenir that you can leave Disney World with. Have you ever thought of decorating your house or kitchen with Disney Kitchen apparel? Why not celebrate the fun that comes with cooking in your kitchen then purchasing a Mickey Mouse Chef Hat or using Mickey Mouse themed measuring cups the next time you go to make a birthday cake.

And for grandmothers out there why not make Mickey Mouse cookies with a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter while you sport your apron made to look like the buttons that adorn Mickey’s shorts.  From character themed mugs to Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shakers there are a variety of ways you can decorate your house to bring the magic of Disney World Resort back home with you.

So if you want something to remember your Disney vacation with other than just pictures be sure to buy a couple Disney souvenirs to sport around your home and remember your vacation with warmth and fond memories.

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