Cruises and Kids

Want to treat your husband or wife to a cruise but want something that you know your kids will enjoy too? Then perhaps that is a perfect time for you to plan your next vacation with the Disney Cruise Line. And the Disney Cruise Line is not exclusive to one destination either. In fact their cruises have a number of destinations such as Alaska, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Hawaii.

Yet no matter where your cruise is destined to go you can be sure that your destination will include lots of fun for the whole family. And if you are a member of the U.S. Military then you can receive special military rates during special sail dates. Even if you don’t qualify for special rates you are sure to still have a blast on a Disney Cruise.

Worried about taking your family on a cruise and feeling like packed sardines? You don’t need to worry too much. Disney offers staterooms designed especially for families to avoid that packed like sardines feel. Part of the stateroom’s appeal for families are the split bathrooms making it easier for families to get ready for their full day of fun and excitement.

And while mom and dad just enjoy the time spent on the cruise there are youth clubs designes specifically to target your children with age appropriate activities for them to enjoy. And what Disney Cruise would be complete without the loveable Disney Characters? Don’t worry there are Character Greetings so you’ll be sure to run into Mickey at some point during your vacation.

If you want to experience Disney magic without the running around between Disney parks then consider taking a Disney Cruise. It’ll be an event that you and your children will never forget. You’ll get the vacation you want, smell the salt water of the ocean, and experience Disney magic all together.

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