Disney Focusing on Health

There has been an upsurge in health programs targeted to getting kids to start becoming more active and eating healthier. With the growing rate of obesity for both adults and children there have been many doctors and politicians calling out the health risks this will cause in the future. Teaching young children to eat healthy while they are young will hopefully lead to wiser food choices in the future.

Disney has decided to encourage healthy choices as well. They have started to promote healthier food choices by stamping healthy snacks with their Mickey ears icon with a green check. The icon will be used for food and menu choices. The check icon will promote healthy food choices sold in stores, sold online, and food stands and restaurants around the parks and resorts.

Disney knows that often times vacation and holiday trips lead to an upsurge in food choices which include many sugary bad-carbohydrate options. So helping to include and make available more healthy food choices as well as providing a recommended stamp of approval by Mickey may help kids choose on their own to eat healthier. Kids are extremely susceptible to choosing things that are promoted by the characters they love and associate with.

If Mickey Mouse is promoting kids to eat an apple and baby carrots instead of sugary gummy bears then kids will more deeply consider eating the apple. Kids are easily influenced by others and Disney is helping to use its icon to help kids choose healthy food items.

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