Disney Stopping Food Ads Targeted to Children

Curbing your child’s desire for quick and easy sugary snacks can be difficult. When children want something quick to snack on many parents find it easy to break out a plastic bag filled with cookies or a small bag of gummy figures. Fun, exciting, and colorful characters have been used to target junk food to children for a while. Why would you want to eat a bowl of baby carrots and a glass of milk if you can grab a pop-tart and a juice box?

Kids and parents alike find it easy to grab small packaged food items that can be eaten quickly or toted along easily. But while the convenience of a snack may help keep kids quiet or from throwing tantrums it encourages bad eating habits. And when you go grocery shopping kids will pull towards foods they’ve seen advertised on TV. This is why Disney is teaming up with parents to ban ads that promote junk food targeted towards children.

Disney plans to do this by setting a standard on all their children networks. While not all ads may be banned right away Disney does plan to have the junk food ad ban completed by 2015. Ads promoting junk food to children has caused many losing battles between parents and children. Because while parents desire their children to eat healthy, the children are so indoctrinated with smiling characters who look thrilled to be eating high sugar low nutrient foods that the children fight to have the high sugar foods. With Disney backing parents and blocking ads targeting children parents will hopefully find healthy eating far easier in the future.

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