Disney’s Blizzard Beach

There are two water parks in Walt Disney World Resort. And Blizzard Beach is designed for fun summer water excitement while having the cold atmosphere theme of a winter ski resort. What better way to try to trick your mind into thinking you’re cooler than the thermometer tells you then by playing at a water park with white snow.

Blizzard Beach offers a variety of fun for everyone. Whether you are the type who enjoys thrill rides, raft rides, an area for the very young to play or an area to just relax and cool off, Blizzard Beach has everything to meet your family’s water park needs. Taking a wet spin on toboggan you can take a mat and slide down the Toboggan Racers waterslide or relax and float down Disney’s Cross Country Creek in an inner tube.

Of course because it is a water park there are safely concerns and thankfully Disney has met the challenge. Disney employs trained lifeguards to ensure to you and your families safety. And Disney’s lifeguard standards exceed that of the nation lifeguard tests. Blizzard Beach also offers rental lockers for personal items you wish to store.

Another safety precaution because of the nature of water is the possibility of slipping. Disney recommends the use of water shoes or flip-flops to prevent slipping on stairs or as you walk. Also, to protect your feet as the warm Florida sun can lead to the ground becoming very warm and Disney wishes to make sure that all their guests are comfortable and avoid burning their feet.

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