Disney’s Ticket Options

When you plan your Disney vacation you should be aware that there are several options you can choose from when you buy your Disney tickets. There are standard tickets for single park use or there are tickets that allow you to jump between parks as you see fit. So be sure to look around and research which tickets are best for your Disney vacation.

The Magic Your Way Base Tickets are Disney’s standard tickets. They allow entry into only one of the Disney theme parks. And there are varying lengths of days you can purchase. You can buy anywhere from a single day ticket to an extended 10 days worth of tickets.

However, for people who don’t want to be tied into just one park per day there are a number of other options for you to choose from. Similar to the base tickets, the other tickets come in a range of days such as the single one day entrance up to 10 day tickets. And there are the Park Hopper Tickets which allow you access to all four of the main Disney theme parks as well as use of Disney’s transportation.

For people who want access to the four main parks as well as the two water parks you can purchase the Water Park Fun & More Option. These tickets as well come in a variety of length of stay while also providing access to Disney transportation. And the last ticket option are the No Expiration Option which can be tacked on to the various other ticket options such as the No Expiration Hopper Ticket.

Ticket options provide you with the perfect tickets for your vacation needs. If you want to jump between theme parks then the Park Hopper Option may be best for you. So best advice is to look at your options, your length of stay, and how much you plan on spending on your tickets and find the best option for your family’s needs.

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