Disney’s BoardWalk Area

Looking for something to do outside of the four main Disney theme parks? Why not take a look at Disney’s BoardWalk area. The boardwalk area contains tons of shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. And the boardwalk is conveniently located next to two Disney theme parks.

The look of Disney’s BoardWalk is designed in much of the same colors and architectural design to reminisce the boardwalks that were famous during the early 20th century. The classy looks are sure to inspire the romantic feeling of old with stringed lights and striped awnings. Disney’s BoardWalk calls upon the feel of many of America’s coastal cities amount many of the New England states.

During the day you can walk down the boardwalk and explore many of the shops, eat at various restaurants, and enjoy the culture and scenery the boardwalk offers. You can also enjoy the nightlife of the boardwalk complete with street performers, food benders, and other forms of live entertainment.

Entertainment on the boardwalk various from the street performers to dance halls, piano bars, and sports clubs and fortunately while some venues may have cover charges; Disney’s BoardWalk doesn’t have any admission fees. So you are free to stroll down the boardwalk and take in all the sites you’d like for free.

In terms of the various restaurants found along the boardwalk, you can enjoy buying food from a variety of bakeries, spend an hour in a sports bar, or get a quick bite to eat from a hot dog stand. So if you are looking for good food or good shopping then try Disney’s BoardWalk Area. The boardwalk is a great place to spend some time outside of the parks.

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