Disney’s Biergarten Restaurant

Located in the Germany Pavilion at Epcot, the Biergarten Restaurant offers you the opportunity to experience German cuisine. Biergarten Restaurant offers you and your families a truly unique dining experience for either lunch or dinner and the surrounding environment will truly make you feel like you are eating in a small German town.

Food served buffet style the food and environment will make you feel as though it is Oktoberfest all year round in Epcot. The musicians complete in costume will further put you into the spirit and with traditional Oktoberfest entertainment you’ll get to experience this German tradition without needing a passport! And don’t be afraid to dance, for the entertainers encourage dinners to truly engage themselves into the environment and theme that surrounds Biergarten Restaurant.

Rather than small individual tables Biergarten Restaurant provides a truly unique dining experience with long communal tables. And of course there are many recognized German foods to choose from such as bratwurst, sauerkraut, pork schnitzel, and more. And don’t worry about missing out on dessert! There is baked apple strudel, Bavarian cheesecake, beer, and wine!

Prices for the both the lunch and dinner buffet at the Biergarten Restaurant range from $15 to $35.99 so it may be one of the cheaper dining options for you and your family where some other restaurants can range from $35 to higher depending on where or what you order.  So if you are looking for something original, fun, and exciting where you’ll feel like your dining in a cultural party then try the Biergarten Restaurant where it is always Oktoberfest.

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