Disney’s Boma

Want to branch out of your usual American or European food bubble and try something truly unique and original that you won’t find anywhere back home? Then why not try African cuisine at Disney’s Boma restaurant. Boma is a buffet-style restaurant that serves both breakfast and dinner.

Located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Boma is a great way to not only enjoy the atmosphere of the safari but to enjoy the tastes of it too. Boma is beautifully decorated to resemble the colors and business of an African marketplace. And the food varies to represent dishes from over 50 African countries.

Food at Boma is prepared by the chefs in an open kitchen with wood fire grilles. Many breakfast foods include traditional foods such as fruit, omelets, pancakes, sausage, and more. However, you truly get the African food flare for their dinner buffet. Dinner choices may include a variety of vegetarian dishes, various traditional entrees, fire-grilled meats, as well as seafood. And of course there are salad, soup, and desserts as well.

Dining at Boma is sure to be a unique experience and the buffet prices range from $15 to $35.99. Boma offers you and your family another unique dining opportunity with food you may not find outside of Africa. So if you are looking unique food and a friendly themed dining atmosphere than give Disney’s Boma a try and since it is located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge you can enjoy African cuisine after you’ve spend the day admiring many of Africa’s unique and beautiful animals.

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