Cirque du Soleil- La Nouba

While you may commonly associate a Disney vacation with a stay at a themed resort, a variety of Disney characters, and fun attractions at one or several of the themed Disney parks you may not associate Disney with the circus. However, Disney is proud to play home to La Nouba performed by Cirque du Soleil in the Downtown Disney West Side. While the circus may not be the first thing you wish to see on your Disney vacation it may be wonderful way to add to your nightlife.

Disney built a theater especially for Cirque du Soleil in the Walt Disney World Resort. La Nouba is performed by a variety of performers from 15 different countries. Like any circus you can expect to be dazzled and impressed by the various acrobats and performance artists. There are over 65 artists who perform for you and your family’s entertainment.

Your attention is sure to be grabbed and entertained by the high level of energy and the bright and colorful costumes. The show is one of the many entertainment venues you may not think about when you plan your family vacation unless someone points it out to you. La Nouba is a beautiful life indoor performance that you’re family is sure to love and if it is something that is of interest to you make sure you check ahead to find out their performance times or dates when there won’t be performances.

So if you are looking for something a little on the unique side to add to your Disney vacation to spice it up from the usual trips to the main four parks then give Cirque du Soleil- La Nouba some of your consideration. It may be a perfect addition of color and excitement to add to your next Walt Disney World Resort vacation.

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